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Brought the smaller toys this time

Simcoe Beaverton

I was on a list to play golf, however once confirmed I did cancel weeks ago, off to Beaverton I went. Once arrived, on the water in 10min flat as it was beautiful Beaverton conditions.

Rigged 5.0 and good power until the wind dropped at the end.

First sailor to greet me waving away with a huge grin on his face was Windchiro on his first outting of the year. Dropped in the water and chatted! Great to see you out and not destroying sails this time.

There were some nice ramps for jumping and fooling around in the turns.

Reiner was practicing duck jibing like his life depended on it so off I went doing the same thing. One really nice one carving hard off a face and just throwing the mast down a la Naish. Mostly failed though as I was trying to go really low.

Tried tacking and tacking but going close to nowhere. Found out I'm now a pig, can't uphaul my 85L without sinking the board under water.

A couple of close 360.

Still can't figure out how to initiate a shove it...frustrating.

Then the wind dropped, considered taking out the pizza box to sail, but it was past 6pm by then.

Overall great fun just messing around.

Weather Conditions

B&J West Beaverton

The Day at a Glance


  W 20-25 18




  Tabou PW 85/Hot Sail SF 5.0


  2 hrs.

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