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Third time lucky

Guelph Lake The Island

Three times in one week and this was the best yet. Other commitments (read: lack of priorities) had me tied up for most of the day. Wind was mid to high teens gustin to low 20's at the lake.

I almost didn't go as it was getting on for 4:00 and the wind was forecasted to drop at 5:00. I headed out regardless and was rewarded with some steady white capping winds. It appeared to be similar conditions as yesterday wen I rode the 7.0. By the time I got there it was going on for 5:00 so I rigged the 8.8 anticipating the wind doing the evening dying thing.

I got out an was over powered and the wind kept building!! And it was actually a nice steady wind for once. This is my first time ever riding truly over powered on a modern sail. What a treat! Gusts rolled on so smooth as opposed to the sledge-hammer-all-or-nothing with my older sail.

I still have no harness, and although I can usually do an hour at a time, I was getting exhausted to the point of having trouble up hauling the 8.8. One rest, a granola bar, and back out for one more hour before packing it in.

So much fun.

Weather Conditions

Steady NW, not a cloud in the sky

The Day at a Glance


   16-24 18




  Bic 293 OD/NS Match Race 8.8


  2 hrs.

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