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Party-time at the Stick!!

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

Packed up some beers, a coconut water for Sofi and went to the stick.

Looked strong so we rigged small again but this time it worked out!

Had a sweet session riding comfortably on 4.5 for a good long while.

Sofi,Pedro,Jacob were out, later Noemi and Mike Z arrived. George was there going for stuff and Andraj (from Vancouver) appeared for his first ever stick session.

I probably tried 10 or so grubbies with Kevin giving some tips on shore after. On the water though he was a spraying machine! All in all it was a super fun session and it finished off with some beers, Sako "claiming" my sail... and the wind just keeping on going so I went back out for an extra 30 minutes. Tried more grubbies and just ate it HARD every time.

Great great day.


+ Kept working on grubbies on port

+ Nailed 2 really clean spocks on starboard

TIPS from Kevin:

+ Bear off and immediately pop, don't wait

+ Avoid oversheeting the sail like a gybe (front hand extended) but keep tight to the sail

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  99L Skate/4.5 Guru


  2 hrs. 15 min.

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