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started to early

scugog he park

thanks to a well timed appointments. I was able to get on the water 330 pm. Started out on big wide board but soon moved to smaller board. the start is 75 cm wide and I thought it would plane faster than my icon but it was not what I expected. it planed but I think I need to try it with a bigger weed fin. now to find one. its so stable my boys are going to love it.

at 4:30 the wind built some more. I should have rerigged, but I just down hauled some more. completed three gibes, none fully carving, but I can totally see it this year.packed it in at 5:30 just as the wind dialed up more. big t showed up with a big smile rigged 6.5 and blasted off.

Weather Conditions

slowly building, cooling off quickly

The Day at a Glance


  NW 12-20 22




  140 start, 140 icon/8.2 helcat


  2 hrs.

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