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Lucky (Friday) 13

Pacific Ocean Long Beach - Incinerator Rock

Today was over three decades in the making. I saw a picture of breaking waves at Long Beach on the cover of a Parks Canada brochure when I was in high school. I was absolutely amazed that there were waves like that in Canada and I told myself, “I am going to windsurf there one day.” Well today was the day! The forecast was for 3’ to 5’ waves at 8 seconds and strong NW wind. I had two local sailors willing to let me tag along (DaveM and Eastside) and my works schedule would allow it. It was a go!

I travelled over the night before on the hope of scoring a morning session at Pipers before heading west. The Pipers session turned into exploring the point as the wind was teasing big gear weather. After a quick stop to pick-up Eastside we were off. Grabbed lunch (and a dinner for me) at the café in Port Alberni then arrived at Long Beach at around 1 pm to clear blue sky, chest-high waves and about 10 mph NW wind. Time to SUP to warm up! DaveM (surfing) and Eastside (SUP) took to the water first and started ripping right away. It took me a few minutes to adjust to all the white water, but I caught a few rides and was pleased with the way the AllWave performed in real waves!

I took a break and decided to rig sails for SUP-sailing with Dave M. Really light wind at first. Quick break, then just enough wind filled in to make it work. Rides had by all including the three Daves! We all finally came off the water around 7 pm.

Great place! Great company! Super Fun! Awesome Long Beach day!

A special thank you to my two guides (DaveM and Eastside) and to DaveM and Pat for putting my up on my arrival day and my departure day!

Quote(s) of the day:

DaveM (as we left the gentle wind of Pipers for Long Beach); “Eastwind and I have left Pipers on better days than this for Long Beach.”

Eastwind (upon arrival at Long Beach and seeing the waves): “Dave2 you scored my friend!”

DaveM (as we rigged our sails): “I think we will do well!” (And we did!)

Eastwind (after we had come in at the end of the day): “Looked like you caught a nice wave for your last ride.”

Me: “That was a fun one, felt like I was able to get close to the lip on that one!”

Dave3: “Looked like you caught some rides today.”

Me: “I think we all caught a lot of rides today. That was super fun!”

Weather Conditions

Wind ** (out of five stars)

Light NW wind, just enough to SUP-sail.

Water/Waves **** (out of five stars)

Chest to over head-high organized waves arriving in clean lines, throwing and dumping close to shore.

Jumps (out of five stars)

Not planning so no jumps.

Stoke **** (out of five stars)

Super fun day! Awesome to be out SUP-sailing in group of four!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 8-12 21




   Fanatic All Wave 145 (9’8” x 31”) /Ezzy Panther 5.2


  4 hrs.

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