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Short-lived Crissy session

Central Bay Crissy Field

Showed up at Crissy before the ebb started to join Kevin and Vi on a north-tower expedition. I had brought my big board based on a dismal OSR earlier in the day, and to put myself through the same bouncing chop that Jenn would be subjecting herself to for the first time (Crissy is brutal on chop).

When the ebb started and the wind picked up, we hit the water me on 4.2 and Jenn on 3.7. It was particularly rough since it was ebbing and I did two reaches.

Jenn went out, bounced around then struggled in the water to get back up with the gusts and the current. Called it quits after that since the chop was having her use her hands alot and her wrist was killing her.

I went out for an extra 15 minutes to see if I could see Kevin/Vi on the water and ventured 2/3 of the way to the north tower. After clearing some scary voodoo chop right in the middle of the bay, I hit smooth massive rollers. The person I followed ended up not being Vi and rather than continue to follow them to join what looked to be 20+ windsurfers at the north tower, I sailed back to crissy.

Short session, bummer that Jenn's wrist is so bad right now. I should have known better and gotten her a session at the stick.

Weather Conditions

Strong winds and bumpy water.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 27-29 17




  99L Skate/4.2 Guru


  30 min.

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