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Post tornado warning speed runs!

Georgian Bay near Collingwood

Was almost going to go sailing (boat sailing) after the storm had passed. Then some big gusts started kicking in, and decided it was time to go sailing (board sailing).

My new "rig for the lulls" attitude this season (since there have been no waves here...) has resulted in a new appreciation for high speeds that only my big beginner board seems capable of (probably the least rockered board I've used). Add an 8m with gusts in the 20's and there were some crazy broad reaches sitting wayy low, just a few cm's from cheek contact with the water, basically standing off the edge of the board.

Was getting dark and after a monster gust, carved out of the fastest reach of my life into the shallows and decided to end on that note!

Weather Conditions

Mega gusts

The Day at a Glance


  W 15-25 17




  180L nova/HSM 8.0m


  45 min.

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