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Late Start

Lake Erie Long Beach

We had high hopes for a decent wind day......waited and waited for the wind to arrive....haze on the water....that's never good cause it means it's doming.

It certainly didn't help getting mega texts from group me's/ wind addicts and all the wind at LS!

Could see white caps on the outside so took my big board and sail and bobbed around for 45 minutes or so ....caught a water start on the outside and it was like someone flipped the switch!

The rest of the group came out and we had a fantastic sail :-) I was on a short window of time because of work so had to stick with the big stuff....hook in and hold on!

A few people had to rig smaller....unless your name starts with K for kamikaze :-)

There were storms either side of us but we were lucky and just got the wind.

Beautiful rainbow and a perfect pied-de-vent

Ke, Chris, Sharryn, Gene and Chris out today for a beautiful late day in just coming in at 9:00 pm.....all good :-)

Weather Conditions

always fun to get out right as the fun starts......from flat to nice chop, small waves and swell

Water Colors

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   15-25 22






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