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Sacrifice to the wind gods

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

No wind when I arrived to find Brad, Mary, Louis + others sititng on shore.

There were high level clouds making it overcast (not a good sign) and other than the occaisional puff which caused whitecaps, it was flat.

Eventually, it seemed like there were enough puffs that I could get planing os I rigged 5.7 and went out. I as the only person on the water and had about 30 minutes of planing on and off before the puffs disappeared. Still, they tight 50-100m runs was enough to let me figure 8 and even plane out of a couple of gybes.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm and sacrifice didn't pay off and I came back in. Of course, as I was derigging, it seemed to fill in. Not enough for others to go, but maybe enough to keep going on 5.7. I had my turns today... it was time to go home.

Glad I rigged up.

Weather Conditions

Very very small patches of 5.7 wind and glassy flat in between.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 5-18




  99L Skate/5.7 Eclipse


  30 min.

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