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Columbia River Gorge Maryhill

Got to Big Winds in the morning to get set up with some rental gear... always fun choosing! Ended up with a set of choppers and a Quattro 84L twin fin. Word was that it would be windy in the east and was recommended Dougs, or Maryhill. Maryhill it was. Got there about one in sight. Hung out a while until I figured out weather to stay or look for some place else. shortly after, a couple (locals) drove in ready to sail. Decided to join...was warned about an extremely strong current. Felt real wearied constantly sailing in a broad reach trying to get down wind against the current! Any wipeout and i was loosing a tonne of ground heading towards a very large bridge. So the word was that today the river operators(???) were letting out a lot of water...more than usual, which was producing all this current....and messing up all the swells. Still, some nice waist to chest high swells came through and was real good fun playing in them and ocassionaly getting some good air. Loved the Quattro twin....worked real well for me in those for the sails...nothing beats a brand new Chopper!

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   23-33 24




  Quattro 84L twin/Naish Chopper M


  4 hrs.

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