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Planing Jibes and Beach Starts...check

Guelph Lake West Beach

The forcast for today had been changing on an hourly basis since Saturday. Checking in on Monday showed a windy morning at Guelph Lake dying just after noon. It also showed MCP picking up just after noon.

So the plan was to chase the wind, Guelph Lake in the morning, and MCP in the afternoon.

Things changed the morning of, when it showed Guelph Lake blowing 14-low 20's almost all day. And MCP not really showing much. Easy decision.

For whatever reason they took the swim bouys down at the beach, which meant I didn't have to practice beach starts in neck deep water. Beach starts, check!

So it was super weird winds, shifting every once in a while by as much as 90 deg. Also, the speeds were ranging between <10 to around 25 knts. At least the gusts were sustained and I got in some really good high speed runs in, over powered, on the 8.8. I was getting consistent on the planing jibes which felt amazing. It seemed that the faster I was going, the easier it was. I was coming off plane coming out on the other tack but getting around planed up felt really cool.

I couple of other guys showed up which was great! I hadn't seen anyone else out at Guelph Lake since the first run of the season. Super nice guys who brought some serious wind with them! A really angry looking front could be seen blowing in from the west, bringing squalls and T-storms. It was pushing some really good winds infront of it and we were able to get some really good runs infront of the storms. I came in early as to avoid getting stuck out there in the case of some badness.

All in all it was a really up and down day in terms of wind. It was running at extremes. Learning wise it was a great day!

As usual, the other windsurfers were super friendly, and it was really inspiring to watch someone who can really tear it up.

Weather Conditions

Super shifty winds, but a few sustained gusts made it a lot of fun

The Day at a Glance


  SW 8-25 25




  Bic 293 OD/NS 8.8


  4 hrs.

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