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Weird wind at Crissy

Central Bay Crissy Field

Upfront I will admit: I was caught in a west-coast "I'm spoiled" mentality today.

It was a strong NW day, and Candlestick would be unsailable.

Treasure Island was showing 7

3rd ave channel (middle of the bay) was 24

Candlestick at one point hit 35 (22-49)... wind just HOWLING through the gaps.

I got to Crissy and Jacob was planing on his 4.1. Daniel warned me it had come down alot and to rig 4.5 so I, basing myself on Jacob who usually rigs slightly bigger than me, went with a bagged out 4.2 (Mistake?)

I spent the session as the flood started pinching upwind the whole time. At times I was barely planing, working hard on the chop to balance losing ground on a lull and staying on a plane. A few minor chop hops but in the end it was just working through lulls and gusts. After 60 minutes, I called it quits.

3 stars just because it was unusually warm and beautiful at Crissy and wasn't a bump-fest like it can be. Still... most people left disappointed.

Weather Conditions

Holey and "light" (I rigged 4.2). Had I rigged 5.5 I maybe could have planed the whole time but would have been decimated in the gusts.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 15-25




  78L FreeWave/4.2 Guru


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