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So much fun

Columbia River Gorge Dougs

Light drizzle at the Hood in the morning. Went down to Big Winds...they were convinced that it will happen out E. Talked me out of going to the wall as the current will be worst than Tuesday...suggested Dougs it was. Got there early so parked close to the gate, walk down was not too bad...and it was windy, overcast and a little cool. Took my time to rig but finally made it down and blasted around for a couple hrs. Nice flat Jibing section on the Oregon side, big chop in the middle and some small 'just about ride-able' swell on the Washington side. Wind died down after a couple hrs, so I hung out as my wife was in Portland for the day.

About an hr later, winds start to come back as Dan pulled in to the beach. He set up his freestyle gear and I followed with what I had. The sun also started to come out and winds filled up real nice to a little over at times, but than it settled where the last hr was smooth and solid. At one point I followed Dan a little downwind to a little inlet where the water was super smooth....maybe smoothest I've ever sailed in! Of course, he (and a couple other guys) were busting out some cool freestyle moves. I do not do freestyle, but had fun going for some cool hero jibes. Lots of fun. Took the gopro out as the backdrop of that sailing spot is so incredible!

Weather Conditions

Cloudy at first but eventually the sun came out. Some small rolling swells, big chop, a fat section and a super smooth section

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   15-30 20




  Quattro 84L twin/Chopper L ,


  6 hrs.

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