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Nice surprise

Columbia River Gorge Dougs

Rain again at the hood. Hung out in town with da wife in the morning as the guys at Big Winds weren't seeing anything until MAYBE late afternoon. Was also advised to hand in the gear as I would not be charged for the day if I didn't sail. At about 3pm I passed by the shop again to check the weather situation as the skies were clearing. Sure enough there was movement at Dougs, so loaded up and off we went. Managed to nail a good couple hrs, not as good as yesterday but still lots of fun. Tracked down to that smooth inlet and had a blast nailing some sweet lay down jibes. Finished off the day with a very tasty Thai cousin. Life can be good!

Weather Conditions

Sunny and beautifull

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   20-25 20




  Quattro 84L twin/Chopper L ,


  2 hrs.

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