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Dougie delivers again

Columbia River Gorge Dougs

Interesting start to the day with the windfest going on at the event site. Basically you buy a $10 ticket and use any demo gear on display, so I did that. Winds were quite light but thought that it may be fun to try out some stuff, most intresting to me were the wind SUPS....especially the inflatables. Bu the time I suited up, the winds had kicked in... there goes the windsup! Instead I got to try out a slalom board... a Naish starship 115L ....still a vergin.....and a 6.0 sailworks whatever. Both felt great and real fast! Did that for about a half hr and took out a JP 100L (??) FSW with a 5.7 Naish force. Unfortunately the winds had shut down so I shlogged way across the river and back. For the little wind that there was both worked well , could see that the JP can be a fun board, but I must say, the force felt great! With so little wind I thought that now was the time to try the windsup...unfortunately they were all gone! Meanwhile the word was that the winds started to happen out E and that Doug's could be the call again! Called my wife who was out shopping in town...she was done and ready for the beach! Met up, picked upn some lunch from the Thai shack in front of windance and off we went.

Gusty light winds at first, and a lot of chop in the river, especially in the middle. Winds kept building and a small swell started to happen on the Washington side. I rigged down and had plenty power to play with in the swells. Fun going for lawdowns and duck jibes in the flats on either end. I'm sore tonight. Tomorrow is my last day and really hope to score 1 session in my favorite spot...The Hatchery!

Weather Conditions

Choppy with some swell developing and a rare good ramp to jump....Sunny

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   15-30 20




  Quattro 84L twin/Chopper L , M


  5 hrs.

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