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Lake o Gazebo

Would have probably gone out in anything approaching, oh let's say.... 6 ...maybe 7 knots at this point in such a windless season. It hasn't even been enough for the raceboard gear, never mind big light wind slalom stuff. Launched at old traditional gazebo rocky launch. I remember when there was a good crew of 8 or 9 sailors there on a regular basis. Usually, commenting on Sal's unrelenting stamina and stoke. He was a great guy. These days I'm lucky to see a handful of kiters from mcp west on those rare easterly days. Anyhoo, I enjoyed some real nice upwind beats. Hiked out to the max, trying to get everything to feel slippery and efficient. Adjustable out haul, mast track position and degree of centreboard tweaks. I'm so frikkin out of shape that I had to sit down and take a breather after about 45 mins. I bet Sal RIP would have busted my chops for that!

Managed, however to get into the rear straps for a couple of runs. To me, that's an achievement on this board. With 11 feet of carbon out in front of you, it's not easy.

It was a blast however.

The wind was steady and probably topping out at just over 13 ish knots never felt over powered but need to get back into gym and ease off on the wobbly pops to sail longer and in better form. Having said that the post session Stiegl was well deserved and tasted beauty.

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  Phantom 380/Severne


  1 hrs. 23 min.

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