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S2 & 3: Double-SUP

Pacific Ocean Florence / Cape Sebastian

Woke up early and shared breakfast at Betty’s with Tony. Then decided to head for the coast when morning light air and rain to the east looked to be tempering the morning wind. Meet M at the junction of 84 and I5, like a scene from a movie M was about 3 cars behind me when I merged onto I5!

I left Hood River at about 8 am and we were in Florence at about 1:30 pm. My windshield wiper motor gave out just as the last of the rain cleared at the coast (remained hopeful I would be able to make Gold Beach for the ‘main event’ on Sunday).

We took a quick pit stop a Florence to check out the swell. The wind was rotating from south to west as forecast and swell was big but there was a lot of white water. After spotting the rips, M and I set out a plan and took to the water for a quick SUP. M got to the outside and dropped into one really nice sized (overhead high) wave. I stayed on the inside and caught rides in the reforming swell. We decided to call it and save some energy for and evening SUP at Cape Sebastian.

We left Florence at about 3:30 pm and arrived at Cape Sebastian at 6:34 pm to huge swell and light evening cape-affect wind. We decided to try to SUP-sail. M took to the water first and tried to punch out right away. I waited patiently for my opportunity and when it opened I squeaked to the outside, lost my target wave, but the caught the one following. Super stoked I looked over to M to shout only to see him getting worked on the inside (maybe it can wait). One gentle bottom turn and one gentle top turn and I found myself right at the lip of the wave as it was throwing. After seeing M being disciplined, I decided to eject and let my gear fend for itself. Caught up to my gear at the shore after a tiring swim. We decided to trade our sails for paddles and head up to the north half of the cove to SUP. As we walked up we notices the super strong current passing over the bar between the north half of the cove and the south half of the cove was forming standing hydraulics! Maybe we should walk a little further to the north! Caught some rides on the reform on the inside and watched in awe the size and power of the waves on the outside!

I ended up swimming more in these two sessions on the Oregon coast than I did in a week at Punta San Carlos. Welcome back to the Oregon coast!

Quote(s) of the day:

Me (to the gas station attendant in Bandon): “How long to reach Gold Beach?”

Gas station attendant: “About two hours, but it depends on how fast you drive.” We made it in just over an hour.

Weather Conditions

Wind * (out of five stars)

Wind was “almost enough to SUP-sail” at Cape Sebastian.

Water/Waves **** (out of five stars)

Huge west swell. Well over head high at times.

Jumps * (out of five stars)

No jumping (not planing).

Stoke *** (out of five stars)

Super stoked to arrive and a touch frightened by the size of the swell!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 8-12 18




   AllWave 8’11” x 31” /Ezzy Wave Panther 5.2


  2 hrs.

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