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Lift off

scugog cartwright park

Typical Scugog thermal funnel action on a sw. Almost no WInd on shore but 100 m out there was an initial wind line, Further out it looked like a secondary wind line. T went out on a 6.6 and came right back in for a smaller board and more downhaul.

Rigged and hit the water. Very hard to get out on the small board. I was able to uphaul and slog out to the wind line. Immediately took off, then hit the wind line and blasted off.

Very fun trying to gibe on the almost flat water on the other side of the lake. Fun racing T across the lake. Nice to finally to move past him for a change.

a few chop hops and the gibes are almost fully there.

Fantastic day! Hope I can get out tomorrow!

Weather Conditions

warm warm and sunny

The Day at a Glance


   16-20 28




  115 F2 FSW/5.7 WS surge


  2 hrs.

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