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[Video] ABK - Day 1: Loops and my first spock 540!!

Sacramento River Delta The Access

Vimeo of dawn patrol (my loop @ 0:53):

My first spock 540 (caught on video!):

Arrived a bit early for the first day of ABK. Since it was windy, I immediately rigged up a sail to hit the water. It looked windy but George was going 4.5 so I rigged 4.8.

Had a fun 45 minutes trying some loops with Royce filming from shore (Vimeo video above), before coming in for the start of camp.

After intros, we hit the water for a free sailing session during the ebb (1.5h):

Brandon (windsurfing gypsy) noted my loops and mentioned that on the bigger ramps, where I've noticed I stall my rotation, I don't read my hand as far back as I normally do. He also said to remember to go big, small, big (stretch out on landing). I went back out and really tried to get my back hand back, and went for it.... huge clean loop.. worked beautifully! Thank you! I may have debugged my "only able to loop quickly on small chop" problem!

In the afternoon, we had a spock lecture which included a bit of time on a land simulator which really helped me feel why pushing the mast into the wind would make a difference.

After an INSANE bout of rigging a million different sails, I finally got onto the water with my 4.8. I ended up rigging/derigging 7 times when I could have just rigged up 1 sail.

- Derigged 4.8

- Rigged 3.7 and 4.2**

- Derigged 3.7 and rigged 4.5

- Derigged 4.2 and rigged 4.8

Made it to thew water where the flood was still choppier than a typical candlestick day. On my first attempt, which was really my first trying to spock with my hands on the boom and not the sail, Andy reminded me to keep feeding the boom forward and also to keep my weight forward. Second attempt, I tried doing both, I got my hands on the boom and BAM... I rotated cleanly and sailed away from my first 540. After a few seconds I fist-pumped and crashed while fist-pumping to have kevin splash me.

I owe beer!

Great start to ABK camp! No blisters opened up which is another HUGE plus.


+ Debugged loops in overpowered conditions / big ramps (get that back hand really far back)

+ Got my first spock 540!!!

Weather Conditions

Good sized ramps in the morning and a bit of chop in the afternoon.

The Day at a Glance


  W 22-26 25




  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


  3 hrs. 45 min.

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