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Finally some wind

Ontario Paraidse park

Not great, but after several weeks of nothing, there was enough wind to make windsurfing more worthwhile than gardnening and pulling weeds.

1hr on 8.0, then 1hr on 5.8 (marginal).

Nothing fancy, just a lot of going back and forth and gliding and jibing against building wave face.

It would have been qualified as a frustrating day if any other time but after several weeks of nothing, it was a blessing.

Lots of Canada Day crowd on the beach, people swimming , kayaking etc..water warm enough to be without wetsuit if one is enclinced. A couple of 'you're awesome out there' completed the day. Those people would have loved to watch SBX on a 30 knots day!

Tomorrow maybe a bit of wind but work will interfere.

This weekend in the Bay Area but likely will be spent teaching windsurfing if I sail.

Weather Conditions

got the frustration out of the way

The Day at a Glance


  SW 14-16 22




  Nova 180 then PW 85/Retro 8 then Boxer 5.8


  2 hrs.

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