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Happy Canada Day

Lake O. MCP Gazebo

Morning trip to MCP turned into a full day event with 5 short sessions, and everything in between them: rain, no wind/too much wind, too hot, get hydration, get food, big waves, change direction, flatwater, gusty, offshore .. it all happened.

Some better wind showed in forecast so rigged a 6.7 and stuck with it through lulls and peaks, often underpowered and sometimes overpowered (!), turned out a decent choice in general but nothing would be perfect on a day like this.. big waves SW in the morning, then flat W after short rain, too much offshore wind that eventually returned to gusty SW again.. nuts!

Plenty of getting on a plane, but only a handful lasted more than 30 seconds... it was better far away from any shore, but a bit scary to be out there alone - only few keelboats through the entire day, what's gives?

Happy Canada Day!

Weather Conditions


The Day at a Glance


  SW 8-18 28




  Tabou Rocket 135/Simmer 6.7


  4 hrs.

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