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S8 & 9: Surprise, Surprize!!!

Pacific Ocean Cape Sebastian

The day started with me sealing up a giant (rather painful) crack in my heal with super glue and looking after other chores.

M wanted to get in a paddle before starting his drive home, so off to the cape, following a quick check at the south jetty, for a morning SUP. We also looked at the first look-out south of the cape, but settled on the cape.

We arrived to dead calm water and waist to shoulder-high peeling waves. The water seemed cold at first, but as the body moved and warmed up you didn’t notice the water temp any more. M and I took to the water on the shoulder of the wave at the north end of the main beach trading rides and hoots. Super fun way to start the day and cap M’s trip to the south Oregon coast!

Mark, (Big Wave) Dave, and Jessie then arrived and were all ripping rides in the diminishing waves. Dave and Mark paddled around to check out the west shore of the island and reported back that it looked like Mars with great big sharp jagged rocks!

During the 'break' between sessions I was able to finally get the windshield wipers working on the van after the third motor installation!

A special "thank you" to Chris for sharing the wonderful tuna Tai food dinner that evening!

Quote(s) of the day:

Leo (looking at the morning SUP conditions): “Looks like nice conditions, you guys should get out there!”

Michael (after catching his last wave): “That was the perfect ending to the trip!”

Mark (as we were leaving the water after our morning SUP just as the wind was coming up): “We were in Gold Beach and it was dead calm. Looks like we should have been here about an hour ago.”

BWD (following the windsurfing, stepping forward to shake my hand): “You caught more waves than anyone today. You were ripping out there while the rest of use were slogging around! I really needed a 4.3 to to make that work.” (he was using a 4.2) [smiles and laughter. Mini-shred, I can do].

Weather Conditions

Wind ** (out of five stars)

Wind filled in after about 3 pm to provide a nice wavesailing treat! It looked really unsettled at first and the fog atop the cape looked like it might shut it down at any minute.

Water/Waves *** (out of five stars)

The tide was low and there was some southwest swell pushing along the sand bar at the north end of the main beach. Getting out was easy-pesy and you could hit these waves as hard as you wanted!

Jumps * (out of five stars)

Hit couple of mini-jumps outbound.

Stoke *** (out of five stars)

Super stoked to have working windshield wipers! It was hard to get motivated at first this late in the day with `spooky’ wind. But once out on the water working the light wind and rolling water was rewarded with mini-shred down-the-line rides for the third straight day. George and I even shared a party-wave! Super fun treat considering the forecast was for `nothing`!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   8-22 21




  RRD FSW 110 (MFC 22 cm)/Ezzy Wave Panther 5.2


  3 hrs.

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