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Quick sail on borrowed gear

Lake Ontario Hamilton Harbour

Well that was embarrassing -- I drove from Kitchener to Hamilton Harbour at the end of the afternoon only to discover that I forgot the bag with my fins, extension, and base. FAIL. Luckily, Oliver lent me his rig for a quick spin while he took a break, so I got in a sail and had some good chats with the other guys sailing that afternoon. He saved my drive down from being a complete failure.

I got his big 146L board to hop up on a plane a few times, but the wind was dropping a and the rig was a little underpowered. Had a good discussion afterwards about how to get more power out of the rig.

Note to self: always double-check gear in car before leaving

The Day at a Glance


  SW 10-13 27




  xcite freeride 146/NP wizard 6.5


  15 min.

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