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Well worth the wait

Lake Erie Long Beach Conservation Area

Thanks to our friend, local residents of LBCA, who let us in early yesterday!

Sailed on a SE direction early on mostly sub planing. This direction is weird at Long Beach as you get deeper in that bay if you don't pinch up fast.

Luckily at around 10 the wind turned to SW and picked up nicely. Spent a few hours on the 5.8/95 in the playpen area (west side of LBCA I guess) where the waves are cleaner and it is less choppy. Was getting to much so made the treck back and went to 4.9/95. The combo was great in the waves. Was lots of fun riding these waves that were getting bigger and smoother. Saw a SUP dude that was getting awesome rides there. He was good.

Tons of fun. Don't think I have seen that many cars in the lot....

Sorry no people photos but check John's site for some

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   20-28 30




  Simmer Quantum 95/5.8/4.9 KS3


  4 hrs.

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