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S12: The Real Pistol River

Pacific Ocean Pistol River

Following the morning wavesailing session, we (Steve, Chris, Janet, Portland-Dave, Andrew, myself, and BWD) headed to Pistol River for some side-on high-wind action.

Reports were the wind was similar to the afternoon before (4.0 for me), but I was cautious and took out the 92 to make sure I could make it work. That was short lived and I quickly came in to grab the Evo 74. Wise decision as that smoothed things out!

One ride out my harness lines were twisted so I sailed ‘ironman’ to the outside and each wave crossed took determination, resolve and some cursing, but I made it! The thought of the ever longer wash / swim with each wave crossed added stoke to the fire. Made it! Whew!!!

The channel with the rip is still there just south of the rock – I noticed the scary sense of lack of wind in the impact zone and looking over my shoulder to see I was drifting down the beach at an alarming rate.

Super fun to be sailing small gear in sunshine with bare feet!

Quote(s) of the day:

Me: “How is it?”

The Boss (as he left the water for the day, before I was rigging): “Nice! I was on the edge of being overpowered on 4.2 and this micro-low (high cloud above us) may cause the wind to increase once it is south of us. [and it did, just as I was leaving the water later my sail was rattling in my hands on the outside]”

Leo (as he left the water for the day, after I had come in): “That 4.7 was needed more than a few times to climb over some the bigger ones on the way out.”

Me: “4.7! You must be eating your spinach!”

Leo: “Yeah, I should be!” [smiles and laughter]

Me (to Andrew on his first trip out to south Oregon from Ontario): “So how are you enjoying your trip so far?”

Andrew: “Absolute storybook! Love it!” [big smile]

Weather Conditions

Wind **** (out of five stars)

Strong steady wind inside and out.

Water/Waves *** (out of five stars)

Classic Pistol River ‘wack-a-mole’ surprise waves. Medium to large semi-disorganized wind swell that kept you on your toes (literally sometimes). Front side rides were harder to find today. There were some HUGE a-frames outside.

Jumps *** (out of five stars)

Lots of ramps on the inside, if you dared take advantage of them.

Stoke *** (out of five stars)

Washings were modest, when they occurred. Nice cool-down session.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 30- 18




  Goya Custom Quad 92/Evo 74/Ezzy Elite 4.0


  1 hrs.

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