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Pacific Ocean Cape Sebastion & Pistol River

Windy early today so people (C36 anyway) were prognosticating a WINDY day. Did an inadvertent tour of the hiking trail parking lots at the cape before finding the carpark right on the main road - am an idiot sometimes. Wind was solid and side-off with nice chest high peeling and well shaped waves coming in past some of the most stunning scenery ever. This place is amazing even without wind (I assume). Had an hour on 4.7 catching some good rides. Much easier to pick off a wave here due to the shape and side-off nature of the gusty but good wind. Wind ramped up and I needed to switch down to 4.2 which was soon a handful as well. It was too much to contemplate more walks up the long, sandblast beach and the rough rigging on the side of the cliff so I stayed with 4.2 - awesome. Only one big pounding today.Suz took a few shots of early 4.7 but was off hiking during the good wind unfortunately. Then it was off to Pistol for another hour of choppy but sometimes BIG waves. No getting out issues with 4.2 wind in my sail. Another fantastic day on the coast - this place is beyond words. The locals and BWD crew seem happy to sail but I am just trying not to giggle and laugh and jump up and down in front of them its so great here. C36 is a VERY tough rater of wind and stoke in my opinion. It's 5s allround for me so far.

Weather Conditions

Side off at the cape and windy. Side on and windy at the Rock. (which is what we locals call Pistol)

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  RRD 83 Quad/Simmer 4.7 and 4.2 Icons


  5 hrs.

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