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Better than nothing - and of course beautiful

Pacific Ocean Cape Sebastion

People were talking about a super windy day today (I was actually a little worried). But it was not to be as we woke to fog everywhere. Spent the day by the ocean watching seals and sealions and drove a little up the coast for lunch and a secluded beach etc.

When we got back at about two thirty, the fog was all gone and the wind was starting to blow so I headed to the Cape. Some were SUPing but most were running around, rigging "big" - which here seems to be 5 and up. Rigged 5.3 and sailed it with my 109 to manage the holes in the gusts. Fine in the gusts but it was light on the inside so very tough to catch a good wave. C36 let me try his SUPsail which was fun - I can see why so many of them choose this option when it's light. So much easier to get on a wave and just glide across the length of the break. Session didn't last that long but still good to nail three out of three days so far. A bunch of the B.C. crowd seem to be heading home but there are still lots of sailors around. I will miss C36's updates and recommendations and attitude for sure.

Weather Conditions

Gusty and "light" with small waves

The Day at a Glance


  NW -




  RRD 109 FSW/Simmer 5.3 Icon


  1 hrs.

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