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Nice Sunday but not epic!

Lake Erie Long Beach Conservation Area

Arrived early to plenty of whitecapping but rather flunky wind from the S, so 6.7 was the call for the moment... forecasted big blast from W was coming LATER, fine! After a couple of hours the S wind shut down - really down, even kiters folded. OK then , call it a lunch break, but this time lunch extended itself into 3 hours of nothing significant - other than an extra long siesta! Plenty of people on the beach waiting for those 20+ kt and ... not much to show!

Eventually it came back rather suddenly from the W, lasted another couple of hours, then turned S and shout down (for the day I presume)... oh well, all these 4.Xm sails will have to wait till another day :-)

The Day at a Glance


  S 12-16 26




  Tabou Rocket 115/Simmer 6.7


  4 hrs.

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