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Pacific Ocean Cape Sebastion

After a day off on which the girls got to ride horses on the beach, it was back to the real sport. Woke to fog but everyone was talking about wind today. Assured there would be some by going on a three hour hike with my wife. Amazing views and vistas. At one point we were standing on the side of a cliff while flocks of pelicans flew BELOW us - very cool. As we neared the half-way point, whitecaps started showing on the ocean - and gusts started ripping through the trees. Finished the hike, home for lunch and to grab the wetsuit etc., and it was off to Cape Sabastion for another look. Light and gusty was the scene that presented itself. Several sailors were floating out and catching waves on 105s and 5.3s or bigger. The fog layer was sitting out over the ocean (which means wind ) so I rigged 4.7, 83 and waited. Had a couple of underpowered runs making wave-catching super hard and then just when I was going to go and fetch the big stuff, the wind machine kicked into overdrive. I downhauled the sail to the max (could have used a metre smaller easily) and headed out. For me, the extra power helps get out through the impact zone without too much carnage. The waves jacked up and we (Three Canadians - everyone else LEFT the water) enjoyed the rest of the day. Some long, powerful waves which allowed crazy fast down the line (thank you quad fins) and really threw you forward if you timed the top turn right. A couple of hours of that and I was done. Hit one big'un a little late and got thrown down the face and pole vaulted with my mast, my feet still in the straps - crazy. All good fun though despite a few nasal rinsings and a couple of smack-backs from the waves. Packed it in when I started to get so tired that I was blowing outside gybes which, combined with the setting sun, provided me with too many opportunities to imagine shark fins in the outside chop. It truly was a magical session - I think the best since I have been here which is saying something. Tomorrow is shaping up to be another monster altogether as there are gale warnings for the area. This place is something special.

Weather Conditions

Building wind, a tad gusty but howling by the end. Warm and sunny AGAIN

The Day at a Glance


  NW -




  RRD 83 Quad/Simmer 4.7 Icon


  3 hrs.

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