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Giving Oyster point a shot

San Francisco Bay Oyster Point

Picked up Jenn early from work and got a pessimistic OSR from Candlestick. Guys were going to TI and Crissy so we turned towards Genentech, and took a look at the Oyster Point marina. Last year we had thought about launching here to sail through the office building wind-shadows to downwind of Haskins, but opted to launch at Haskins instead.

This time we were hoping to sail right in the small cove and play on the potentially pancake flat water it offered. Wind looked strong so we figured, why not? Sail a new spot.

I was on 4.8 and Jenn was on 4.5 and we managed a good 45 minutes before calling it quits. It was everything from fully powered to schlogging and all within a 100m reach . I don't think I ever got fully comfortable and neither did Jenn but hey, it was her first post-work session and a decent way to kick off the long weekend. A few points for the novelty factor but otherwise just mowing a really really short lawn.

Weather Conditions

Gusty and holey with the direction swirling. What else can you expect sailing on the lee side of big office buildings.

The Day at a Glance


  W 10-25 20




  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


  45 min.

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