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Independence day @ Haskins

San Francisco Bay Haskins

Jenn was on the fence about sailling since again the stick was dead according to OSRs. Since we had loaded the car she joined as we went to Haskins.

Since ABK she was itching to try out more duck-gybes and just get a good day of sailing in. Today wasn't it unfortunately.

We rigged small but not small enough. 4.2 for Jenn, 4.5 for me and all the boys were out on 4.2-4.8. (Though Jacob broke his harness line on the 4.8).

A couple of reaches just holding on and trying not to crash, just gybing was good enough. No moves landed for me, no duck-gybe attempts for Jenn.

Very quickly, the strong wings made Jenn's hand hurt so rather than re-rig we called it a day and opted to share a beer with friends in the parking lot and head home.

Weather Conditions

Strong strong winds, not too gusty but hard to tell when you go between full powered to overpowered

The Day at a Glance






  99L Skate/4.5 Guru


  20 min.

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