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Flaka [Day 2]: We're the worst hosts ever... but worth it! Awesome day!

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

After 2 lackluster sessions, Jenn was aching for a good Candlestick session.

That morning we had picked up Bobby/Brenda from the airport but they were exhausted having gotten up early flying from Montreal.

While they napped, we loaded up the car and knocked on the guest bedroom door:

"We're going to head out windsurfing, make yourselves at home, we'll be back in 3h."

It was strong with Dan planing 4.4 when we first showed up. Of course as soon as I sent an OSR saying as much, and rigging 4.2 for Jenn and 4.5 for me, the wind died. After testing the waters, we re-rigged to 4.5/4.8 and off we went.

Amazing amazing amazing session. The wind was light 4.8 for 1h then started to pick up. By the end, we were both fully powered on our gear.

I was working on spocks and trying grubbies/flakas on port and Jenn was going for duck-gybes like a fiend. So many close attempts but still hasn't sailed away from one. Lots of smiles all around and pretty steady wind.

We stuck around longer than we should have given we had guests kicking off their visit with 2 absentee hosts, but it was really really worth it.

I sailed away from 2 ugly spocks, 2 spock 540's (one of which was clean).

Started also practicing my flaka down-wind pop which seemed to go well.

Weather Conditions

4.4 winds while we rigged and dropped to 5.7, eventually climbed back up to 4.8 and stronger and it was still blowing a strong 4.4 when we finally left.

The Day at a Glance






  99L Skate/4.5 Guru, 4.8 Loco


  1 hrs. 45 min.

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