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Don't forget sunscreen

Lake Erie Rock Point

Arrived at the lake around noon, cloudy skies, rain squall, cappin'. Decide to stay at Rock Point instead of Long Beach as wind was SW. Rig 5.5 and take out 8'5". This works great for 30 minutes but the wind increases; land at an upwind beach to increase the downhaul. Back out on the water and all is good - sail way up to the point where the waves are. Wind backs off a bit, but managed some wave rides and a few jumps. Love jibing between waves where the wave does all the work :-) Wind drops dramatically and it's a long shlog back. The sun came out too - had forgotten to put on sunscreen as it was cloudy and drizzly when we embarked. ouch Sailed with Scott & Steve.

Weather Conditions

Cloudy, shower/squall, sun came out around 2:30; huge swell out by the island; waves never really cleaned up as the wind dropped

The Day at a Glance


  SW 10-22 24




  8'5" RW/5.5 Naish


  3 hrs.

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