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Day 3 of 3

Lake Erie Long Beach

Wow! There were lots of sailors at LB this past weekend!

Hot and windy! What more could you ask for?

Great surprise session Saturday.....way more wind than predicted.

Highlight of the day was Kelly nailing her first deep water start :-)

I had been helping her set it up and talking her through and she finally got it!

Brought back such good memories of those learning days :-)

Sunday there was less wind than predicted and I know it was disappointing to those who made the journey. The west bay seemed to have better conditions....went over there and did some runs. The water was warmer in there and I wonder if the wind was better able to mix to the surface. It did eventually get better in the east bay late in the day and those that stuck around were rewarded with some good rides. The beginner sailors returned and got in some good water time :-)

Monday was awesome! Best LB day so far this year :-) Out on my 77L and a 4.2 that at times was wayyyy too much! Good fun :-)

My last run of the day the powers that be turned the wind tap off and I mean off!

I never gave up trying for a water start a few and helped close the distance to the shore but I have to say the body drag technique does work if your patient.

Ended up closer to the launch than I would have have if I just swam my stuff in.

It was great having my other half able to join me for all 3 days. We were a little equipment challenged at times but we made it work.

I have to say thanks again to Marek for helping me find the 165L Go board.

The lend of it was a turning point for one of the beginners Sunday.

Just so much better for learning on with that soft, wide deck.

Used it a couple of weeks ago to give lessons (free!) to a family of 5 :-)

Looking forward to giving more lessons on the less windy days,

Passing the stoke along :-)

Weather Conditions

Kind of had it all with wind from the SS/W giving some small waves. Once it started to switch S/W to W it got very choppy and then flatten out for some fast runs :-)

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 15-28 25






  2 hrs.

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