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JP Super Lightwind

Ramsey Lake Sudbury Canoe Club

I bought a Super Lightwind 90 Gold from a buddy last season and finally had a chance to really use it this past weekend (Saturday- Monday).

It sails like a dream. It accelerates like a rocket (took me most of Saturday just to get properly in the straps).

This board coasts through the lulls like they are not even there.

I had a hard time carving jibes because I would start turning and realize I had hardly any wind.

This is a sweet board. My favourite combination was with EZZY Zephyr but I used it with an EZZY 9.5 as well.


Hit every waterstart

Carves were all problematic - still drop off the plane before the sail flip

Did my first laydown jibe. -Totally awesome! :)

This was a great weekend.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 5-25 23




  JP Super Lightwind/EZZY 7.5


  8 hrs.

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