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Rio Vista Rio Vista

Arrived an hour too late for the flat water low tide. So Adam struggled in the one foot chop and 25 knots, and the 4.0 rigged too flat initially. Amazing to see so many kids including my 10 year old niece managing in those conditions.

Weach lost the wetsuit and harness last week. So I was playing old Canadian style. Just my short and Peter's old vest harness while everyone else was with wetsuit.

Great fun slalom condition, the Naish Session 4.0 turns out to be a very fast sail and very easy to handle with a 340 mast. Non stop slalom for two hours.

Got my high wind fix for the next little while. Too bad we did not bring the Fathom 8.9...

Back tto the reality of Ontario sailing tomorrow.

Weather Conditions

Typical Rio Vista

The Day at a Glance


  NW 25- 25




  SB Freesex/Naish Session 4.0


  2 hrs.

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