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Lost at Sea

Lake Simcoe Secret Spot

So I finally got out again after 5 or 6 weeks of not sailing. I went to Beaverton to check it out but it wasn't looking good. I decided to drive up to Heritage Farms where it was definitely windier but still nothing exciting. I figured I had the time so I drove north up the coastline to the end of some dead end street. I was amazed when I got out of the van and it was easily blowing 15. !5 minutes north and wind! I texted Dave to see if the wind had come up there and he said it was still dead. Doug had told me before that there is sometimes more wind just up the coast or at Heritage, and he was right. I rigged up the 7.4M and Go 140 to blast around and it was great to be out there planing and having a hoot. One thing though, and note to self, make sure to check the shore to note where you launched from. I spent the next 45 minutes in building to overpowered conditions try to find the little keyhole in the trees that I launched from. This was tricky as I had to point up wind going out just to control my speed, pushing me further away from shore. Once I found the launch point I came back in to rig the 6.3M on 105L. Now that set up was a blast there. This spot is a jumpers delight with a perfect wind angle and nice rolling wave. I would say it was better than Beaverton in that respect. Sailed the 6.3M for a good hour and then back on the 7.4M 140 L combo and then tried the 7.4M with big fin on the 105L which was horrible. Nice to get out, great temperature, kind of nice sailing solo, nice to hear shoreline hoots as I'd wiz by, so peaceful derigging in the mix of sun / shade with the sound of waves lapping the shore and warm breeze. Nice to reflect on life with the radio off driving back home down Hwy 12.

When I left my spot it was blowing 12 -15 and when I went by Beaverton it was glass.

Weather Conditions

Rolling swells and nice clean jacked up ramps in threes

The Day at a Glance


  NW 15-22 22




  Go 140L / Exocet 105L/NP Excess 7.4M / 6.3M Ezzy Tiger


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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