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Great session!

Lake Ontario Richardson Beach

Finally a good session. We were off camping so were actually fortunate the morning rain drove us back to Kingston early.

Sailed at Emily St for a couple hours and still made it back to watch the world cup with my boys. Rainy B&J 4.7 with the 105L for an hour or so, then it started clearing up and ramping up too. Rigged down to 4.2/78L and sailed another hour or so. Emily St is pretty messy on SSW winds, but there is no perfect spot in that unusual direction. What those winds do produce however is plenty of closely spaced voodoo chop, excellent for any manner of jumping! Got my fill of fwds and shoveits. Tried a few backies but no luck. Should have been trying pushies but felt a bit off with such a long delay in sailing.

Fun to sail again... need more and fast!

Weather Conditions

Bumpy! Rainy at first, then cleared out.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 20-28 23




  105 Goya One, 78L Quatro Cube/4.7 & 4.2 Banzai's


  2 hrs.

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