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Swim! 2 of 2

Lake Erie Long Beach

I started the day just like I finished the last........longggggg swim back.

One run out under powdered, turn to start for shore and it started to rain

then thunder and by the time I made shore lightning!!! Didn't even see

the storm approaching. Huge thanks to Ke for coming to help me swim my stuff back :-)

The wind was slow to come back after the rain and turned almost straight west so I rigged big in a hope to get some rides in.

2 runs later and back in to grab a smaller board so a great day in the end.

Actually got to do some runs with my husband :-)

Last week we gave an old 6.7 sail to a young guy that is learning......watched him get a water start and planning yesterday! So awesome to see how quick he progressed with the bigger sail :-)

Weather Conditions

Typical LB on a west wind

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 15-18 25




  121, 100, 84/4.2, 5.8


  2 hrs.

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