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Second verse better than the first!

Columbia river Swell City

Another good forecast. Went out east to Doug's (hoping it was better for the family). It was better for spending the day but it was crappy 5.3ish, big board wind so no thanks. Off to swell city to try that fabled launch. Way less crowded than the Hatchery (all the young pups show off at the Hatch I guess) . I thought the conditions (barring the flat freestyle zone) were way better here. For today at least the swells were bigger and went much further across the river. So lots of riding and airtime today. Followed around (name escapes me) to get some shuv-it tutoring until I shuv-it-ed my harness hook right through my 4.2. Having too much fun to care though. Wind cranked up to 3.7 again so sailed until I could barely hold on as the forecast was for nada for the next little while and this would be my last Gorge sesh.

What a great trip. The coast was by far the best sailing (heaven) but the vibe and town of Hood River is filled with good food, great coffee, and craft breweries - not too shabby.

My sailing is better from this trip, I met a lot of great people and sailors and don't regret a single mile of the drive ( well maybe the salt flats of Utah and all of Nevada). When you see me at Mac's - ask me about my trip if you have the time and patience. The site is only letting me log on from my iPhone so I will have to try again with pictures - check back though they will be coming.

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Warm, windy, swell-filled

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  RRD Quad 83/Simmer icon 4.2 and 3.7


  5 hrs.

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