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Loopy Access day

Sacramento River Delta The Access

After spending the previous day floating down the Stanislaus river on an inflatable tube, Jenn and I swung by Sherman island on our way home to sail the Sacramento river.

After a bit of rig-juggling, we finally scored a solid ~1.5-2h session on 4.2/78L..

Spent most of the session going for starboard loops, the second half of the session was a bit of a bummer since my achilles was seizing up and prevented me from doing anything but nervously go back and forth.

Had my first look where my chest (shoulders) stayed dry. Usually I rotate around and the sail will still be up to waterstart up and away, this time I was still over the board and going more across the wind.

At the end Andy gave me a tip that my takeoffs are still too far upwind which is causing me to end up on my tail and rotate really vertically. Need to work on that.

Weather Conditions

Solid 4.2 for a while, then backed off until it was pretty light 4.2. Big swell during the ebb never really materialized though.

The Day at a Glance


  W 18-26




  78L FreeWave/4.2 Guru


  1 hrs. 45 min.

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