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Finally Some Waves

Georgian Bay Allenwood Beach

Was a long time coming but finally had my first wave day of the 2014 season. After only two bump and jump sessions it was great to get back up to Allenwood. At the beach by 6am and left around 2:30 with about 5 hours on the water in between. Wind was up and down and the waves were decent, not spectacular but at this point we will take what we can get. Back and forth all day between the 112 FSW and the 92 Quad. The wind just could not get over the hump, needed about 3-4 more MPH to make things epic. Great to see so many people out as the windsurfers almost outnumbered the kiters. Not looking forward to getting out of bed tomorrow, achy already!

Weather Conditions

Great direction average waves mediocre wind

The Day at a Glance


  NW 16-20 18




  112 JP FSW / 92 JP Quad/5.0 NP Atlas / 5.8 NP Alpha


  5 hrs.

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