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Two Great Days and a Ride on a Jet Ski

Lake Erie Long Beach

Friday was awesome! Ke, Sharryn and I had a great session :-)

Slow to get going but built to a pretty solid 4 hrs of good SW 15 to 18 knots of wind.

My oldest friend has been attempting to learn to windsurf and had his return to the water after a year away. I put him on a nice set-up 165L Go and 4.8 Hot Sail.

It was perfect! His best session ever :-)

I took the Go for a ride with the 4.8 and was shocked that it could really fly....hooked in the straps....crazy....very little effort!

Now he knows what the board and rig can do and is stoked to get to that level :-)

Sunday was off and on. The wind seemed much better in the west bay so my husband and I went over there to do some runs with our kiter friends Tony and Marcel.

We all used to windsurf at Guelph Lake.

Marcel was kiting along side of me when the wind just pooped out completely sending his kite crashing. It didn't look good to me.... like he tangled his bar and lines and then I saw the kite was free. I sailed straight in and talked a jet skier into taking me to pick up Marcel and the kite. Nice 3 seater ski....pretty sweet....really nice of the kid to help out and a happy ending :-)

Turned out Marcel had released his safety line by accident....opps...:-(

The pictures are of Marcel after he grabbed my board while I was trying to water start and splashing me on his way back....jerk! :-))))

Weather Conditions

All the good wind seemed to be in the west bay and you get pretty nice waves and shore break there.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 15-15 28






  1 hrs. 30 min.

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