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Windy , wrong-way stuff

Lake Ontario Point Traverse

Howling but rainy when I woke up. North wind required a trip out to the other end of the County. Arrived to smoking wind, started to rig the 3.7 but figured it was too windy for that. That was just a squall and it soon calmed down to sweet 4.7 with some very nice waves. Frontside rides to be had but going the wrong way for me. Spent a lot of time trying to carve back up some nice, smooth faces and crashing a lot. If you were a port tack jumper or rode the other way you'd have been in heaven.

By the time we started to get used to it a little, I was dog tired. Waaay more work fighting out port tack and riding that way. Still a blistering windy, warm water summer day although wetsuits were needed as it was chilly this morning. Still a great time sailing out at the lighthouse with Joe.

Weather Conditions

Windy with a few lulls, very nice waves coming in the opposite way that I'm used to

The Day at a Glance


  N -




  RRD Quad 83/Simmer Icon 4.7


  3 hrs.

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