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Georgian Bay near Collingwood

Hand finally healed enough to get out after missing last week...

Decided to try out the prowave with the little 3.0 I picked up over the winter.

Wow that combo worked well! Obviously I wasn't ripping around between wave rides, but with that board's rocker it was pretty much at max schlog speed anyway. So easy when you can kill the power and still float (barely, its still 119L) to get into prime wave position. Love being strapless too, step back for some hard turns, then step fwd to get your speed back or speed down the line.

Best part about the water being up: the shoal I ride is completely submergered now, can ride the crashed out waves right over it (with a quad at least) instead of having to turn off the wave to avoid the potential beating on slippery rocks... still gotta scan for sneaky boulders lol.

Getting dark earlier/quick, derigged in the dark after a nice shower.

Weather Conditions

side-on goodness, big sustained gusts

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 15-25 16




  8'10 prowave/North 3.0m Ego


  3 hrs.

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