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It came back...

Lake O LaSalle

Arrived to a LOT of white caps and a group of sailors packing their gear already… apparently wind was GONE, all visible out there was wave action from the still-rocking Lake Ontario… darn, I heard this launch has a BIG potential for a skunk – am I in for one again?

In desperation, I rigged a 6.7 & bigger board, hit the water to realize I cannot even beachstart – really NOTHING!!! Schlogged away from shore, by the second very loooong tack you could see a promise of wind especially on the East side, and soon I was up and powered… yuppie!

Wind kept building back solid and clean, waves increasing so eventually switched to 115/5.6 and rode till exhaustion (and almost sunset) while wind was still building. A dozen kiters playing in the spray, sadly I was the only WS sail out in the bay.

Weather Conditions

steady wind, large chop then waves with very little whitecapping, wave action got more organized with time and under constant wind/direction

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 14-18 20




  Tabou Rocket 135/115/Simmer 6.7/5.6


  4 hrs.

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