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Road Trip - Kettle Point

Huron Kettle Point

JF, Dillon and I did a get little road trip to Kettle Point on Monday. Well I shouldn’t say little, it was a trek for one day! From our home turf to the South shore of Lake Huron takes almost 3 hours one way.

It was a bit dicey when we first arrived. There didn’t seem to be that much wind. We took our time rigging and about an hour and a half after arriving we were rigging down to smaller stuff cause it got windy. Initially it was messy on the inside and the outside but by noonish KP began to shine. Huge rideable swell on the outside (mast high not kiddy A. check out the pic below you can just see the tip of JF’s mast behind the wave), and super fun ramps on the inside.

Dillon, the next generation of sailors took flight for the first time and caught a few nice waves coming in.

Road Trip – Kettle Point from on Vimeo.

We squeezed out every last drop of time we could before having to pack up and make it back to STC by 6pm – arriving at 5:49. What a whirl wind trip, but well worth it. I love sailing at Kettle Point – good times!

Weather Conditions

Sloppy and choppy at first, and then cleaned up into huge swell, and sweet ramps.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   19-25 15




  Quattro Tempo Twin 92/4.5/5.3


  2 hrs.

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