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Lake Erie Rocks!!! :)

L Erie L Erie

Arrived at 11:30am to find the bay full of whitecaps and a few windsurfers and a kiter already out at play! Pumped up my 9m at the Point at the Conservation Area and out I went on my small surfboard! Good winds and waves in the west bay.....and fully juiced on the 9!.....I think most windsurfers were on 5.8's. :). Rode down in the east bay from 3:00 to 5:00pm......where the waves were sweet!.....then the wind just dropped Big Tyme...

good thing cause I was spent! Spent the evening around the fire with fellow kiter Charlie and went over to meet Little Wing and Eric......really Nice people to share the stoke with!!! :). Hoping for L Erie magic again this afternoon!?!? ;). Cheers. BK.

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