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Storm Chase "LiTE"

Lake Ontario Point Traverse

Was super happy to get the day to sail. Forecast was windy, but wet. Arrived to grey, rainy and stormy conditions. OW and others were out on high 3's. Wowzers. Had a 4m as smallest and was prepared for an early November 1 spanking :) Wind dropped within minutes of sailing and swapped out the 4m and 75l board for a 4.5 and 95l board which I rode for the rest of the session. I maxed today. I think I sailed 4 hours with maybe a 15 minute chowdown and chat. Was hungry for sailing. I struggled with bottom turns and cutting back towards lip with the onshore wind but managed a few nice feeling carves. When you hit them they feel free and easy not frenetic and rushed. Nice. Was really gusty today which led to some nice catapults - 30 years and the same emotions remain stirred each time. WhooooooaaaAAAHHHhhhhhh! (watch the nose, not the nose...). For me the outside seemed a little disorganized and the buttery big rollers were harder to find. But, after watching the windmill ripping duck gybes on the outside I was inspired to follow suit. While nothing so spectacular as Fathoms aerial off the lip to submarine carnage, I managed some sweet wipeouts myself. It was great to meet thewindmill and windyet. Nice half dozen out today sharing the water. Had a great day!

Weather Conditions

Grey, rainy, gusty, great.

The Day at a Glance


  SE 20-30 19




  95 and 75l quattro/4.0 and 4.5 superfreak


  4 hrs.

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