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Better Late Than Never.

Lake O Everett Park Kingston

Got a late start to the day. By the time I got on the road I heard that people were rigging 3.7m at Point Travers, so I thought I would swing by K-Town to see if it was more manageable. A local showed up (never got his name) and that was enough to lure me in. Was on the water by noon rigged 4.5m with a 86L thruster. Combination worked for me for most of the day. Eventually some other Ottawa boys showed up and there were 4 of us out for a while. Around 3pm the wind got a little flukier, rigged up to a 5.2m, but the rain squalls brought wind back up so rigged down again. Swells develop nicely throughout the day, and Everett Park had some really nice shore break. I am a relative newbie to the wave stuff, so nothing spectacular to report, just tried to get the feel for the rush down the wave face and a couple of slashy jibes on off the lip. Down side, the launch area was rough, with the current and the slippery rocks, my feet are bruised today.

Looking forward to the next time.

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  86L Fanatic FeeWave/4.5 Gaastra Manic


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